Williams also used various aliases in the scheme, including "April Shoulders," "Betty Davis" and even "Beverly Purdue," according to court records. She also surrendered seven computers and other electronics. Williams, who couldn't be reached for comment, also had an account on a racy site, AdultFriendFinder. Her profiles are no longer listed on Match.

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Mark Bredle, a dating coach who runs Modern Approach Dating Education in Raleigh, said online dating is an easy and somewhat anonymous way to find a soul mate but that free dating websites attract scammers. Online profiles that appear under various names but have the same photo and similar background information is an easy red flag to spot, he said. If such a profile vanishes under one name and appears again under another, he said, that also should set off an alarm.

Bredle compared online dating with meeting someone in person. The key is to go slow and not give information or pictures to anyone before you are sure how they will be used, he said.

Published: Updated: The problem is it may be more difficult to find a large user base in your area. A site like Adult Friend Finder provides a pretty solid user base for most areas including Raleigh. Reputable hookup sites do a good job of keeping scammers, escorts, cam girls from littering their user base because it makes their service look bad and sullies their reputation.

Though it happens a lot that sites which offer free accounts to women in order to even out their male to female user ratio will end up attracting pay to play girls. Cam girls and escorts will string you along for as long as possible before they break the news that they have no intention of really wanting to date at all. When deceptive practices like these are not actively discouraged by reputable sex dating sites, they give the entire industry a bad name.

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Men who are looking for legitimate dates with other women who are looking for the same feel cheated when they are propositioned by a hooker or a cam girl. So why the hell would you pay a hookup dating site like Adult Friend Finder to access hookers or cam girls when you can do a search for that for free? It would be a complete waste of money.

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A lot of married men and women have had better success on the hookup dating sites than they had on the affair dating websites. In the end it may be a better investment than the affair dating sites marketed to married people.

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